Express yourself


Growing up a dancer, my body was trained to breathe life into emotions.  Even though we were expected to strive for technical perfection, the punctuating effect always rested on the power of passion.  Movement was an interpretation of a song’s energy.  Expression was a reflection of movement.  Each year when it was time to perform for audiences of judges (at competitions) and family/friends (at recitals), we had the opportunity to spread the spirit of our dance symphony.  The feelings and emotions that we developed a connection to over the months were finally able to be passed on to others.

The bulk of these dancing days have slowly faded away, but my interest in the impact of emotion has not.  Since so much of who we are rests on what we feel – or what I like to call “vibes” – I wanted to find an outlet where I could explore these positive vibes, and find out how they can be strengthened.  Whether emerging in planned special moments or random acts of kindness, by reactions to others or through self-reflection, these emotional spurts of cheer are both infectious and addicting.  There’s that old saying, “Frown and you frown alone, but smile and whole world smiles with you.”

To kick off this blog, I’ll get down to the crux of what it’s all about: simply smile.  Seek optimism.  Laugh—a lot.  Find your joy.

*Smile Tip #1:* Show that you’re genuine—don’t just smile with your mouth; smile with your eyes.