You’ve Got to Let it Go…

Clarity.  It’s ironic how the idea of feeling so sure about something can also be clouded in vacuity.  I recently made a decision, and although it’s not life-changing, it is certainly something that will make its own impact in the present and in the long run.  Although right now I feel sort of stoic about it all, I’m hoping to gain a resurgence of energy and really appreciate that it’s for the better in the end—in fact, I know it will be for the better, it’s now all just contingent on timing.

Since this writing canvass is meant for positive thoughts and ideas, I’m not going to place too much emphasis on the negative, but I will say that for an extended length of time, I haven’t been feeling quite right about all of these changes happening in my life, particularly the one focused on finding what I am meant to do with my “career path” (whatever that silly phrase really means anyway).  I guess I’ve been a pretty good actress, painting the face of someone who is content and fulfilled with the day-to-day, mulling over the prospect of what those days might foretell, when really I come home in confusion and sulk, wishing I had the energy and mental thrill I had before.

I’m no expert in decision-making, but what I do know is that if something is feeling off, you’ve got to let it go…

I’m young, and albeit, still learning, I am sure that I have so much to offer, and despite what others may think/say, I am certain that the idea of being stuck somewhere at this point in my life that isn’t quite clicking in my heart of hearts just isn’t worth it.

Scream it to the rooftops: IT”S JUST NOT WORTH IT!!!

You’ve got to be happy, that’s the number one priority.

Everything happens for a reason?  Maybe.  They’re all just stepping stones, guiding me on the path to where I’m meant to be and what I’m supposed to be a part of.  Thankfully, I have a handful of different options already within my reach, and although they may not all entail money-in-the-bank, there is at least the potential for that to develop.  For now, I’ll thank my great Jew-raising genes that I’ve got ample savings to hold me over, and in the meantime, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief, and smile.

*Smile Tip #9:*
Do not ever take advantage of the feeling you get when you experience true happiness with what you are doing.  It’s super easy to feign this feeling in appearance, but it’s truly something special whenit’s real—when you’re smiling for yourself, and nobody else.